A premises licence is granted to a building, vehicle or open space and enables one or more licensable activities, notably the retail of alcohol, to take place on the premises.

Premises Licence Application

Find out more about applying for a premises licence.

Changing An Existing Licence

An existing premises licence is subject to all kinds of change. Our range of premises licence services are detailed below.
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Professional Premise Licence Application Service


England & Wales

PLT specialise in providing full premise licensing applications on your behalf. Through this service, our licensing consultants administer the entire application and present it to all relevant authorities and responsible authorities, outlining the measures taken towards fulfilling the Licensing Objectives compliant under the 2003 Licensing Act. We can prepare a scaled plan of your premise, and liaise with the relevant authorities concerning any issues that may be made raised against your application. Our licensing consultants can attend any hearings on your behalf, endeavoring to secure the granting of your licence.
Plans and Scale Drawings
The Licensing Act 2003 states that all new premises licence applications must be accompanied with a 1:100 scale drawing of the premises indicating areas where alcohol is to be sold. Relevant premise details, such as fire exits, fire fighting equipment, fire codes and CCTV equipment, must be displayed on the scale drawing.
Transfer of Licence
Changing the ownership or management of a premises? Our licensing consultants can assist you in the transfer of the premises licence from one name to another.
Major and Minor Variation of Licence
A change in the business purpose of premises can commonly involve a variation of licence. This could be a change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), named on the premises licence. It could also involve amending the licence-able activities to be carried out on the premises, or altering the operating schedule. You may wish simply to amend your opening hours. Call our licensing team to discuss your premises without obligation.
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Change of Use
Changing a restaurant to a pub (A3 to A4)? A shop floor to a cafe (A1 to A3)? Many kinds of premises renovation require a legal change of use. Some of the more common change of use applications involve the following:

  • A1 – Shops
  • A2 – Financial and Professional Services
  • A3 – Restaurants and Cafes
  • A4 – Drinking Establishments
  • A5 – Hot Food Takeaways
  • C1 – Hotels
  • D2 – Assembly and Leisure


Our licensing consultants work closely with a network of architects who specialise in preparing change of use applications for restaurants, public houses and licensed retail premises. We can assist on types of premises applications including A1, A3, and A5, with or without the sale of alcohol by retail.

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PLT can carry out an efficient, specialist risk assessment of your premises. Under the new Licensing Act (2003), the Designated Premises Supervisor is ultimately responsible for overseeing a risk assessment of a licensed premise. These new laws stipulate that you are required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and a Health & Safety Risk Assessment on a regular basis, dictated by the number of people that you employ.
Licence Hearings and Appeals
Every year, hundreds of new premises licence applicants go to hearing before their Local Licensing Authority. Alternatively, retailers may be brought to hearing as a result of selling alcohol to trading standards test purchasers. Our licensing consultants can assist on all aspects of hearings and appeals, preparing your case and providing professional guidance and advice to maximise your chance of retaining your licence.
Licensed Trade Insurance
PLT have access to a network of specialist licensed and hospitality trade insurance brokers who give preferential rates to our clients. Please call our licensing office (01242 222 188) for full details or to obtain a quotation.
CCTV Systems
The Police will normally insist on the installation of Close Circuit Television to all new licensed premises, with conditions generally imposed on all new licence applications and written in to licensing policy statements. CCTV systems have to comply with DCMS guidelines. PLT have access to a wide network of engineers who understand the need to satisfy legal requirements, and can install CCTV systems onto your premises to fulfill any such conditions stipulated by the Police.
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