Clayton Crown Hotel

142-152 Cricklewood Broadway
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About your Personal Licence
A personal licence will allow the holder to sell or authorise sales of alcohol under a premises licence or temporary event notice. A personal licence will also allow the holder to be nominated on to a premises licence as the acting Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). Once granted a personal licence is valid indefinitely and can be used anywhere in England or Wales. To obtain a personal licence you will need to undertake OFQUAL regulated licensing law training course known as, the Award for personal licence holders (APLH) level 2.
If you select the Full Licence option, then we will take care of everything including your DBS check, licence application and all fees. All you need to do is attend the training course and pass your exam.
If you choose to select the Certificate Only option, then you will need to complete your own DBS check and make your own application to the local authority to gain your full personal licence.
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