Designated Premises Supervisor

What the law states:

Under the Licensing Act 2003, every premises licence in England and Wales must have a single Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), named on the licence. This person MUST hold a valid personal licence. The DPS is the main point of contact for the police, licensing authority and all other responsible authorities.

Do you hold a personal licence?

To undertake training for the National Diploma for Designated Premises Supervisors (NDDPS Level 3) An individual MUST hold a personal licence or the APLH Level 2 qualification.
The National Diploma for Designated Premises Supervisors (NDDPS) is NOT a mandatory qualification to become a DPS. It is however a beneficial qualification for an individual responsible for running licensed premises. To become a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) in England and Wales a personal licence holder only needs to give written consent to be named on a premises licence as the main point of contact. The DPS is usually the Licensee, Manager or Supervisor in control of a licensed premise. Occasionally the Police or Licensing authority will insist the DPS holds the NDDPS Level 3 qualification.

Course Content:

  • Risk assessment responsibility
  • Promotion of the licensing objectives
  • Health and safety responsibility
  • Food safety
  • Weights and measures and consumer protection
  • Tobacco, smoking, solvents and smuggled goods
  • Young persons
  • Entertainments that are not licensable activities
  • Equal opportunities
  • Dealing with problems
  • The role of the Designated Premises Supervisor

The DPS has a wide range of legal responsibilities, including: ensuring that licensable activities are carried out lawfully, co-operating with licensing authorities in promoting the four licensing objectives, carrying out a risk assessment and assisting in the prevention of crime, violence, disorder and anti-social behaviour in and around the premises.

Who is this course for?

Personal licence holders in day to day control of licensed premises such as;

  • a busy premises, such as a city bar, night club or casino
  • a premises at particular risk of crime or disorder
  • a large commercial premises, such as a conference center or theatre
  • a multi-function premises
  • a large supermarket or off licence

The qualification is also advantageous for relief managers.
Course:    National Diploma for Designated Premises Supervisors level 3
Duration:    Single day (9:00am-5:00pm)
Awarded by:    EDI
Course fee:    £240.00
Fees inclusive of VAT and official application costs. No extra charges.

Booking Information

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DPS - designated certificate licence premises staff


Accessible venues in close proximity to major transport connections
Candidates should note that the course includes a lunch break, and will need to take a packed lunch or make suitable provisions.