Designated Premises Manager – Scotland


Scottish Premises Manager

Under the Licensing (Scotland) 2005 every venue operating under a premises licence must have a Designated Premises Manager (DPM) named on the licence. This person must hold a valid Scottish personal licence. The DPM is the main point of contact for the Police, Licensing Board and all other responsible authorities.

Responsibilities and duties of a Premises Manager

Premises Managers have a responsibility to ensure that all staff involved with the sale or serving of alcohol at the licensed premises whether part-time, full-time, paid or un-paid receive the relevant training. This training can vary from a full personal licence to staff training that covers all 16 mandatory units of criteria as prescribed under the Scottish Licensing Act 2005.

Staff training is a mandatory requirement under The Licensing (Training of Staff) (Scotland) Regulations 2007

Premises Managers must keep a record of staff training at the premises, this record of training must be open for inspection to the Licensing Board or an Officer of the Board.
A Premises Manager may also be required to hold a level 2 food safety certificate under Section 50 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act. This is a mandatory requirement with a new premises licence application.

Duty to undertake refresher training

Designated Premises Managers as personal licence holders must undertake SCPLH refresher training. The refresher training must be completed every five years while the licence is valid. Failure to comply with this mandatory requirement WILL result with the Licensing Board revoking the licence.